Our Signature Truffles

For any time of the day, for any occasion… We have a wide range of extremely delicious chocolate truffles. Our signature truffles have been lovingly made in France since the early 1930’s using only the finest ingredients. From then till now, they’ve won the hearts of many chocolate lovers that couldn’t resist them. We have perfected the craft of creating the best chocolate truffles to deliver the most exquisite taste to all of our chocolate loving customers.

If you’re looking for the best chocolate truffles that melt slowly but surely in your mouth, coating it with a velvety layer of cocoa and chocolate, look no further. Our chocolate truffles are smooth with a unique melting profile that will delight you with exceptional sensations. Timeless and delicious, these silky truffles are a chocolate lover’s dream.

Our chocolate truffles are so good you’ll have to tell your friends or surprise them with their own box. Whether you want to make a perfect gift for your friend’s birthday or for any other occasion, our truffles are the perfect choice. You can either buy our truffle tins separately or we can prepare a custom luxury hamper for you containing all of our truffle flavours. When you give our chocolate truffles to your loved ones, you’ll be giving them a unique delicious gift that they’ll surely fall in love with. Browse and buy the truffles online. All products chosen by you will be delivered to your or their doorstep ready to enjoy.