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Our Lovable, Truffle Family

From their quaint Georgian town house in London, the Truffleers have been enjoying these exquisite Truffles since their great-uncle Claude returned from his Grand Tour of France in 1931. Since then, these delectable truffles have been a proud family tradition, and now, the family are delighted to share them with you. From chocolate to hazelnut to Arabic coffee, there is a truffle for every palate and every occasion. 

Hand Crafted
Since 1930

Though the Truffleers family are as British as tea & scones, the truffles themselves have been lovingly hand made in France since the early 1930’s using only the finest most exquisite ingredients. Magnifique

High Quality
Melt in your Mouth

As delicious as our truffles are, there is never any need to chew. The truffles melt slowly but surely in your mouth, coating it with a velvety layer of cocoa and chocolate that is simply irresistible.

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