Cookie Crisp Flavour Truffles - 200g

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Gooey or crispy? That’s the ultimate question. We don’t make you choose. We’ve combined the luscious, decadent gooiness that is our chocolate truffles with a filling to die for: cookie crisp! Masters of dough and cookie art have produced the butteriest, most delightfully crispy cookies you could imagine. With those as the base, came the creation of the indulgent cookie crisp truffles.

Chasing the promise of a memorable experience, the chefs of Uncle Claude delivered this inventive flavour. They assembled pure high-grade butter, superbly refined sugar, and exquisitely milled flour, and then through a magical bake formed the perfect crunchy, crumbly cookies, turned into a cascade of crisp bits that swirled into our melted chocolate as it is then handcrafted and rolled into perfect bite-sized drops of joy.

Cookie crisp truffle will unmistakably delight, be it gifted to your loved ones, family, friends, or as your own private pleasure. Each colourful tin holds 22 bite-sized truffles of cookie crisp flavour, a memorable mouth-watering indulgence. Let your inner child live this dream.

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