Caramel Macchiato Flavour Truffles - 200g

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Two words you can clearly taste: caramel macchiato. The limits of chocolate and coffee have been surpassed as we’ve bottled the enchanting experience of the signature drink loved by many into our mouth-watering luxurious truffles. Just place a truffle on your tongue, close your eyes, and get lost in this sensational experience.

Imagine the amber perfection of caramel swirling into rich creamy milk and a stream of hot powerful espresso, all coming together into one perfect harmony of flavours that are then dripped with care into an age-old, masterful formula of lavish chocolate truffles. Uncle Claude’s artisans then roll these heavenly bites in cocoa powder and wrap up them especially for you.

Each tin contains 22 caramel macchiato flavoured-truffles, a winner by a mile. Gifted to your loved ones, these tins will be instantly popular and infinitely irresistible.

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