Raspberry Flavour Truffles - 200g

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There’s just something about the blend of chocolate and fruits that goes so well together. And when it comes to raspberries, the combination takes deliciousness to a whole new level. Our Raspberry Truffles is one such truly enchanting taste experience.

The exotic flavour burst of raspberries with a captivating aroma balanced with the purest chocolate makes this a truly unique truffle to enjoy. Take me-time to the next level with these expertly crafted masterpieces handmade by Uncle Claude’s artists using only the finest ingredients. They will slowly melt in your mouth, giving an explosion of penetrating flavour that’s sure to delight any chocolate-lover. 

Our raspberry truffles are not only perfect for an everyday sweet treat, they also make a memorable gift for a special occasion. Give your loved ones a unique chocolate experience with a distinctly rich and smooth gourmet taste. Order now and indulge in the most delicious and beautiful raspberry truffles you’ll ever have.

Each tin contains 22 truffles of raspberry flavour – what daydreams are made of!

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