Popcorn Flavour Truffles - 200g

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Leader of salty and sweet, general of pop, major of corn, our popcorn-flavoured truffles will always leave you wanting more. It’s that perfect combination of decadence and fun, culminating on the tongue when the playfully sweet, mildly savory popcorn blends with our rich, velvety chocolate melody. It’s an experience not to be missed, a package of enjoyable luxury in a treasured tin.

With unmatched craftsmanship, high-quality kernels are carefully popped to perfection to harvest peak flavour. Our top-quality silky smooth chocolate truffles are then infused with this popping delight. It’s a flavour as deep as it is entertaining.

Whether you’re a popcorn lover or you will be gifting it to one, they’ll be the new fan favourite: perfect as a holiday present, showing appreciation to a loved one, or for an on-the-couch evening of relaxation. Each tin contains 22 truffles of popcorn flavour, handcrafted and immaculately wrapped to impress.