Lemon Pie Flavour Truffles - 200g

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Lovers of the creamy zest that is lemon pie, rejoice! Let the tingling truffles dance upon your taste buds with electrifying notes that are refreshingly new. It’ll be the harmonious journey every sweet tooth aspires for, perfectly balanced and exquisitely vibrant.

Uncle Claude instructed his artisans to delve deep into the origins of the lemon pie and unravel its secrets. With an infusion of the yellow tart fruit and a concoction of buttery pie cream, the spirit of this traditional dessert was harnessed and infused into our delicate and delightful chocolate truffle vessel. There came to life this elegant dessert you won’t want to miss.

Each tin is filled with 22 lemon pie-flavoured truffles, handmade and luxuriously wrapped and ready to take you on a journey. Be it summer or winter, day or night, this sweetness will not disappoint.

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