Date Flavoured Truffle Infused Cookies - 240g

Long a symbol of hospitality, dates are a classic for all occasions. With these delicious Arabic delicacies as the star ingredient, our Date Flavoured Truffle Infused Cookies provide a fusion of the East and the West, delivering a truly unmatched taste.

Rich and luxurious French truffles infused into the aromatic flavours of cookies make this classic combination a taste of simple, pure, perfection. The complex flavours of luxurious dates are blended perfectly with lavish chocolate to form an enticing surrender to the taste buds. Uncle Claude’s bakers make these exquisite delicacies from natural ingredients, so you can image why these classic cookies are in high demand.

These Arabic delights aim to please with rich undertones of dates, making our Date Flavoured Truffle Infused cookies a truly unique dessert. Let the exquisite flavours of chocolate and date dance on your tongue as you enjoy your afternoon tea or dessert. Or order them as a gourmet gift for a loved one for Eid, Christmas and other holidays.

Each tin contains 8 cookies packed with our famous French truffles to truly delight your taste buds. Order now and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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