Pure Chocolate Truffle Infused Cookies - 240g

The classics never go out of style. Get lost in a tin of our pure chocolate truffle infused cookies and you won’t regret it. In other words, get lost in love! Handcrafted with the most delicate ingredients, our pure chocolate truffle infused cookies are certainly a chocolate lover’s dream. These soft cookies melt smoothly in your mouth, filling you with an electric chocolate dose that will make your taste buds dance.

Our pure chocolate truffle infused cookies are the perfect gift to a friend or a loved one. Pair them with flowers, or simply on their own, you will definitely be making a great first impression or win someone’s heart. Spoil a friend, lover, or yourself, with these flavoursome delicacies for an out-of-this-world experience.

Share them, gift them, or simply treat yourself with these delicious pure chocolate truffle infused cookies. They are the perfect treat any time of the day and on any occasion for sure. Each tin contains 8 pure chocolate truffle infused cookies beautifully packed to make a special gift. You can never go wrong with pure chocolate cookies!

Category: Cookies, Pure Chocolate

Type: Unknown Type

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