Sea Salt Flavour Truffles - 200g

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Chefs hide a secret that many don’t know, the simplest, most magical, most potent ingredient that makes any dish shine: sea salt! Prepare for a new dimension of chocolate, the height of flavour reached by sea salt chocolate truffles is an absolute treat. Simple yet unmatched. Elegant but unbeatable. It is a decedent tastiness of deep, rich chocolate unleashed on your taste buds without limitation.

Uncle Claude’s crew travelled the world in search of the perfect sea salt, distilling the ocean, filtering the seas until they’ve come upon the perfect crystal. Grinding the salt into the perfect size and infusing its essence into our classic, old-fashioned chocolate truffle formula, a new experience was born.

Mind-blow the chocolate connoisseurs in your life. Your loved one, family, and friends will thank you when you gift them this delectable treat. Each tin contains 22 truffles of sea salt flavoured explosions of sweetness and bliss.