Pistachio Macaroon Flavour Truffles - 200g

Calling all nut lovers! Discover a world of satisfying crunches and rich roasts as you sink your teeth into our Pistachio Macaroon truffles. Get ready to be surprised as you kick-off a flavour-filled experience bursting with crispy bites and delicious fillings.

With pistachio as the star ingredient, our Pistachio Macaroon truffles add crunch, flavour and a nutty, rich aroma to our classic chocolate truffles. These sweet treats offer the unique pleasure of decadent chocolate and delicious pistachios in perfect harmony – a combination that’s sure to delight anyone with a sweet tooth. A rare delight in the UAE, these truffles are surely a pistachio-lover’s dream.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a delicious and healthy sweet bite or the perfect gift, our Pistachio Macaroon truffles are ready to excite and delight. Enjoy an exquisite mixture of complex flavours from premium pistachios, macaroon and pure chocolate. Order now and receive each tin brimming with 22 truffles – perfect edible gifts for any occasion.

Category: Pistachio Macaroon

Type: Truffle